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The Domaine de l'Aufrêne is listed in various works in the 18th century, such as ""The Faithful Indicator or Travelers Guide"" by Michel and Devos (1785).

At the time, it consisted of cultivated and irrigated land over approximately 50 hectares with surrounding farms, a large house and a French-style garden bordered by ponds. The residence belonged to Mr. Jean-Baptiste Auffren, Consul of the city of Hyères during the beginning of the 18th century (around 1725), at the origin of the name you know today and has been transformed over the years. centuries.

In the 19th century, the Domaine de l'Aufrene belonged to Monsignor Sénés, Bishop of Naples, then to the Van Gaver family, a former Lyonnais silk producer close to the Bey of Tunis Sadok Bey. Then it was in 1882 that Aufrêne was fragmented.

Our family by the ancestor Maurice Revest acquires the country house and 3 hectares around. He developed the cultivation of early vegetables there. Then François, his son, later produced cut flowers there, such as gladioli, irises, tulips and violets.

With the arrival of the Provence canal, the farm became exclusively horticultural. The mild climate allows the sustainability of crops and thus sees a succession of 7 generations.

If you decide one day to come and enjoy the place, we will be happy to tell you some secrets of our history, such as why the residence and the estate have changed in appearance over the centuries.

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